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Library Name Documentation

Library Name Documentation

Usage Example

Here is an example of how to use the library:

// © RayPulse
// © DudeOwns
import dudeowns/NinjaView/1 as ninjaView

strategy("Simplified NinjaView Strategy", overlay=true)

// Placeholder for account and ticker details
account = input("Sim101", "Account")
ticker = input("ES 03-24", "Ticker")
qty = input(1, "Quantity")

// Define your trading conditions here
smaLength = input(20, "SMA Length")
sma = ta.sma(close, smaLength)

longCondition = ta.crossover(close, sma) // Condition to enter a long position
exitCondition = ta.crossunder(close, sma) // Condition to exit all positions

// Alerts using NinjaView library functions
if (longCondition)
    alert(ninjaView.SimpleMarket("buy", account, ticker, qty, "Entering Long Position"), alert.freq_once_per_bar)

if (exitCondition)
    alert(ninjaView.CloseAllPositions("sell", account, ticker, "Exiting All Positions"), alert.freq_once_per_bar)

// Visualization
plot(sma,, title="Simple Moving Average")


This function does XYZ.

// Define the function
myLibraryFunction(arg1, arg2) =>
    arg1 + arg2

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