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NinjaView for NinjaTrader 8

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Welcome to the New NinjaView for NinjaTrader 8

What is NinjaView

NinjaView is now a direct add-on for NinjaTrader 8, enhancing its predecessor by integrating directly within the NinjaTrader environment. This transition from an external application to an in-platform add-on allows users to leverage all the robust functionalities of NinjaTrader 8 directly.

The new NinjaView preserves all the beloved features of the original system while introducing advanced functionalities like trade copy discretion, which hides automated trades from prop firms, a sophisticated whitelist feature to prevent unauthorized IP access, and enhanced security with customizable payload protection.

Originally designed for users skilled in Pinescript, NinjaView continues to serve as an invaluable tool, simplifying the execution of TradingView strategies within NinjaTrader across various brokers like Tradovate, Coinbase, and others.

Why Use NinjaView

Enhanced Integration and Control: Directly integrate your TradingView strategies into NinjaTrader 8, with advanced control features to protect and manage your trading operations effectively.

Streamlined Strategy Migration: Migrate and deploy strategies seamlessly, with added features that ensure your trading is protected and exclusive to your chosen environments.

Robust Automation Capabilities: Automate your TradingView alerts for execution within NinjaTrader, enhancing your trading efficiency with dependable webhook integration through ngrok.

Maximized Potential with NinjaTrader: Utilize the comprehensive backtesting and live trading features of NinjaTrader to optimize your strategies developed in TradingView.

Who Uses NinjaView

Pinescript Developers: Strategists who create in Pinescript and seek a robust platform for testing and live trading will find NinjaView essential.

Active Traders: Those utilizing TradingView’s advanced charting and alert features who need a powerful execution platform will benefit greatly from NinjaView’s direct integration.

Trading Firms: Firms requiring reliable deployment of proprietary strategies on NinjaTrader for rigorous testing or live trading will appreciate the security and integration features of NinjaView.

Novice and Tech-savvy Traders: New traders will find the intuitive design of NinjaView user-friendly, while experienced traders will value the time savings and precision from automation.

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